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Li-Tech Inregelservice BV is an independent company that has been active since 1997 on the regulation circuit with regulation and testing of climate systems. This means that we regulate air and water systems using calibrated measuring instruments.
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Air-side regulation is measuring and adjusting the supply and exhaust grids so that the required air volumes are achieved per space. These air quantities are determined on the basis…

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Not only cars need their annual APK inspection, conditioning systems must also undergo an annual audit. Health services increasingly insist on those checks….

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Carbon measurements

A good indication of a poor living environment is to measure the value of carbon. Isolating and not properly balancing your ventilation system may create a too high carbon value in a room…

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We can also offer you the rental of data loggers for some time now. This allows us to measure the relative humidity and temperature over a certain period of time…

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Pulley adjustment

To get an air handling unit at it’s design flow, we can also perform a pulley adjustment for you. A pulley adjustment has the additional benefit that the pulley…

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Smoke tests

Li-Tech Inregelservice BV can set the discharge patterns of grids and if necessary perform smoke tests to check them. Smoke tests can also be performed in order to fix draft complaints….

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Temperature measurements

We can measure the following temperatures for you: Indoor temperature, Air supply temperature grids, Wall temperature (infrared), Indoor temperatures over certain periods…

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Additional measurements

In addition to the aforementioned services, Li-Tech Inregelservice BV also has a lot of experience when it comes to the following measurements: Boise measurements, Fume measurements…

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Thermal imaging

With a thermal image we can make hidden defects visible to you. This means that we can analyze ventilation systems, heating systems, electrical systems, thermal bridges, air leakage …

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  • Up to 25% savings in energy comsumption.
  • Healthier environment.
  • No more draft problems.
  • No more noise complaints.
  • No more heat complaints.
  • Better temperature partition.
  • Buildings are on temperature more quickly.
  • Reduced maintenance costs by decreasing complaints.
  • Office staff is more productive.
  • Reduced absenteeism.
  • Independent.
  • Thinking along and advisory.