Blowerdoor / Airtightness measurements

Blowerdoor / Airtightness measurements

blowerdoor / airtightness measurements From now on we also offer blowerdoor / airtightness measurements. With the blowerdoor / airtightness measurement, the leak tightness of a room or room(s) can be determined, even an entire building can be examined.

Blowerdoor / airtightness measurements in hospitals
Leak tightness is particularly important in operating rooms and cleanrooms for overpressurizing or depressurizing the rooms.
During the COVID-19 crisis it becomes all too clear that this is a very important aspect.

Energy saving
A room and / or building with good leak tightness is also energy efficient.

If the leak tightness is not sufficient, we can detect possible leakage(s) for you.
As you have come to expect from us, you will receive an extensive report with the research results at the end of the process.