Carbon Measurements

Carbon Measurements

A good indication of a poor living environment is to measure the value of carbon

Isolating and not properly balancing your ventilation system may create a too high carbon value in a room.

This may also cause health problems such as headaches, fatigue and dry eyes.

This complaint is currently in the news a lot because various schools and office buildings have to deal with it.

We can make measurements for you on the spot, in which we can simultaneous measure carbon, carbon value, relative humidity and temperature, giving you an indication of the current situation.

Option 2 is that we log a specific space for a week, creating a log image over a longer period of time.

A day as a regulation technician

A job as a regulation technician is more important than most people can imagine. It is extremely important to function in a healthy living and working environment, without a good regulation of your systems you are nowhere. In the video above you can get an insight into what the job entails.

Are you interested in the field of regulation technician or do you need to regulate your system yourself? Then go directly to our vacancy page or contact us.