Li-Tech Inregelservice

About us

Li-Tech Inregelservice BV is an independent company that has been active since 1997 on the regulation circuit with regulation and testing of climate systems. This means that we regulate air and water systems using calibrated measuring instruments.

Good regulation

Does it sound familiar to you that, months after a project is completed, there are still problems and complaints whereby you have to constantly return your mechanics? Experience has shown that this hardly occurs when Li-Tech has regulated the property. A good regulation earns it’s money therefore twice over.


Li-Tech Inregelservice BV is VCA*-certified, so we can optimally serve. Quality is our top priority and we invite you cordially to contact us to experience it for yourself.

A day as a regulation technician

A job as a regulation technician is more important than most people can imagine. It is extremely important to function in a healthy living and working environment, without a good regulation of your systems you are nowhere. In the video above you can get an insight into what the job entails.

Are you interested in the field of regulation technician or do you need to regulate your system yourself? Then go directly to our vacancy page or contact us.